Poem - Avebury - world-famous stone circles in Wiltshire

Poem – Avebury – world-famous stone circles in Wiltshire

Just thought I would add this poem I wrote yesterday, inspired by my sister’s graphic and beautiful/magical explanation of the stone circles in Wiltshire, Avebury, for anyone who is interested.

Grace and exuberance the buttercup flows in tune
But the POPPY holds the archaic dream and memories swoon
Raptures of the secret stone, forever enlightened and wrestled still
For those who are seekers eternal in their will

Poppy (Papaver somniferum).  A flower used in homeoapthy ranging from ailments of constipation to shock/injury and pain or as a constitutional/personality unbalance such as in ‘extremes’.   For example; hyperactivity to the extent where their sensitivity may even cause insomnia.

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