The Homeopathic Remedy - Aconite

The Homeopathic Remedy – Aconite

 Hi there,

I wanted to share some details regarding a homeopathic remedy called ACONITE (Aconitum Napellus, Monkshood. Wolf’s Bane) – It is called monkshood because the shape of the flowers, gives the appearance of a hood, thrown over the head.  Also the name wolf’s bane relates to its only time used as a poison bait for wolves.   Frans Vermeulen  suggests that is comes from the Gr. Akonitos “without struggle or “without dust”   The 18th and 19th century physicians used monkshood as a cardiac sedative.

The theme of the remedy aconite is one of fear, sudden onset in the physical sphere as well as mental, such as coughs, aches, trauma shock, fright.  (Affinity with NERVES and HEART).

Aconite is very excitable and can flare up all of a sudden.  This excitement will manifest itself suddenly and violently.  There is a fear of the future with palpitations.  Aconite is particularly useful in sudden and acute cases, which are worse in the evening.  The patients are tortured by fears, afraid of darkness, ghosts (Dewey).

I wanted to write a poem which captures the remedy for me.

Aconite awaken me from my slumbering fear

Embedded in my deity laden pounding heart near

Embellish the light and overtake thy heavy crown

Laughter come dressed in abundance not leave me woe

Oh aconite prosper me, depart not bound by the hollow

Aconite bestow me your armour safe to roam

Vacate sudden abyss of future panic is mine

Then let your grass roots exalt me home




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