Nature always shines - alternative way to heal

Nature always shines – alternative way to heal

Hi there,

I was thinking about my passion for nature and how it can heal without harm or suppression of symptoms if it is done right.  I wrote this poem below to express it.  I love to write especially about health and keeping yourself vibrant well into a vintage age.  If this resonates with you and how you feel about life and health, then I hope you get something out of my little poem below.

Thank you

Cheryl x

“And may we ever have gratitude in hearts that the great Creator in all His glory has placed the herbs in the field for our healing.”

- Dr. Edward Bach

Nature’s solutions

Tyranny in synthetic pill replaces benevolence with doubt

And pain is the richer when light propelled out

The soldier of faith allegiance at healings door

Sorcerer beckons insidious dreams and greed devout

Decadence in slumbered orthodox ploy

Where money is the oppressor and mankind the toy

Harmony tokens and reminds health to bequeath the best

And rewards the soul with enlightened zest

Back to a time where hope beckoned the way

The golden flute calls health renewed in May

And tonic is in holistic hands

The seed embodies the light

And Jupiter disperses subdued chemicals into dead of night

The sloth that is the nuclear, the nourishment is the dawn

The deadly chaos is the ignorance, and well-being the pawn

To bring forth enlightenment and journey at heart

Shine upon us all longevity in spirit

The governor of the seasons rests with nature’s reign

Never depicted or repeated  by Allopathic gain



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