About Me

Abit about me....

I became interested in alternative medicine because a friend of mine was experiencing emotional problems and they were treated with nutrition and homeopathy. The results were fantastic. I have an instinctual need to help others and I found alternative medicine has given me the opportunity to be able to do this.
My previous work experience in a hospital environment showed me that if you only treat the symptoms of the illness without dealing with the underlying cause, this can result in people taking life-long medication which can suppress the true nature of the illness. Hence once a person stops this medication, the symptoms worsen. Sometimes, people can experience drug induced illnesses. With alternative medicine, such as homeopathy and nutrition, these disciplines seek to treat the underlying illness and attempt to get to the heart of the problem. The patient’s full account/history is of prime importance. Every person is unique and not everyone is designed to receive the exact same treatment. “Nature never repeats herself, and the possibilities of one human soul will never be found in another” (Elizabeth Cady Stanton”). However, this is not to discount allopathic medicine, but my belief in alternative medicine.
If you consume natural organic foods that resonate with our cells and our centre we feel more cleansed, vibrant and read to face the day. We become in tune with our bodies and we are able to live feeling more energetic without the foggy, sluggish and tired feeling processed foods impart to us.
“As we eliminate toxic material from the body, there is a mind change as well as a body change because we relieve the mind and brain of stressful poisons. We think more clearly and we see beauty as we have never seen it before”
(Dr Bernard Jensen)
‘Harmony tokens and reminds health to bequeath the best
And rewards the soul with enlightened zest’
Cheryl McCullough
BSc (Hons) Applied Psychology, DipCNM Nutritional Therapy, HMA Homoeopathic Diploma (Studied)